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The Tomato Sauce Cookbook – My Weight Loss Dream

I don’t know about you by I used to have a terrible diet. Too many British takeaways, too many trips to McDonalds and my life wasn’t complete unless I had a lot of cheese sauces splattered over my vegetables each Sunday.

Along with a lack of exercise and quitting smoking I became obese. And then over a six year period my weight went up and down and it went from being strict while on a diet to not being the rest of the time.

But what I had failed to learn was the difference between losing weight through healthy eating and being too strict that my body would cave in whenever a craving passed my body. What I wanted to achieve was a recipe ebook that was based on what we eat most days and cooking without high quantities of fat. I also wanted the recipes to not be complicated and could be done on an evening after a long day at work.

When I look back at all the takeaways that I used to eat the truth is that I never really liked them, I just ate them because I didn’t feel like I had the time to do home cooking justice – something I have since learnt is simply not true.

We now eat a lot healthier and apart from a trip to McDonalds or to the Chinese Buffet once a month, we cook everything we eat from scratch. Our skin is much better, we have lost more than…

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