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The Last 10lbs Project written program is a self-study, day-by-day 6 week ebook weight loss program that first teaches you the tools to lasting weight loss then takes you by the hand through gentle implementation of the tools. The Last 10lbs Project which is a stand alone program (meaning no extra food to buy or anything else)  filled with my top tools and tons of bonus material designed to connect you with your amazing intelligent body – which is essential for long term weight loss.  And guess what the best part is – it is only $10 – the price of 2 specialty coffees.

Listen ladies – if you answered yes to any of the above I can help. I need to help. So much of my life was spent fixating on food that if I can help just one person free themselves from that craziness and find a little more love and freedom I will be the happiest gal on the planet.

Kathie is like a breath of fresh air – her depth of understanding around weight loss and how to really truly lose weight forever is unmatched. She is brilliant – and so funny. If you can work with her you would be so lucky.

The workbook was life changing. At first I was totally skeptical but every page was like “yes, YES!” it’s like she dropped into my mind and wrote this just for me. Kathie gets it – really gets it.

First of all Kathie is hilarious and you…

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