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Rapid Results Detox – Laura Wilson Online

Most people plan to do a detox at some point but then life takes over and it stays on the ‘to do’ list, rather than the ‘done’ list.

Putting it off keeps those toxins that have built up through periods of less-than-optimal eating and everyday stresses hanging around your body and vital organs and inevitably causes below-par energy, niggling health issues – small or big – and prevents those extra pounds of fat from shifting.

But what if in just 5 days, you could switch the ‘reset’ button and start afresh – renewed and invigorated with mental clarity, a leaner body, fresher skin, no junk food cravings and an abundance of energy all throughout the day?

With the new 5-Day Rapid Results Detox, you are guided through an exciting healthy eating plan that is not only perfectly alkaline balanced for giving your body exactly what it needs nutritionally but also satisfies your taste buds with a combination of fruit and vegetable juices, highly alkalizing and satisfying green smoothies. On top of that, you also have delicious non-dairy ice creams and some whole foods, not traditionally included in most detox programmes.

You also get a selection of 9 extra ‘mini-meals’ that you can add to your daily meals, to accommodate days where you are particularly active or need a pick-me up; all simple and hits the spot when you may be feeling some detox symptoms.

The 5-Day Rapid Results Detox plan is something that you can…

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