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Psych Yourself Thin by Rok Sprogar

This little-known study – that never made it into mass media – exposes the ugly truth behind the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry:

4 out of 5 people who follow the mainstream weight loss advice…will NEVER get that lean body we all want so bad – no matter how confident they feel about their weight loss plans.

This discovery makes it pretty obvious – if you want to stand a fighting chance at the "unbeatable" weight loss game, you need to stop doing what everybody else is doing.

You need a better weight loss strategy…one that’s easy enough for you to actually stick to…but still powerful enough to give you meaningful results.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before – you need lots of willpower to get rid of that stubborn body fat…you have to practice self-control and learn how to discipline yourself around food…

But what if I told you – no, what if I could prove it to you – that all that willpower and self-discipline talk is little short of complete nonsense?

Just take a look at this study – scientists have not only proven that most people who rely on their willpower to lose weight fail pretty miserably – but that a much better way exists…

This unknown, yet highly effective weight loss strategy – that has been scientifically proven to give you much better weight loss results than any of that willpower nonsense – is called…

Behavioral therapy is just a complicated word for a bunch of simple…

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