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Paleo Meal Plans – Easy Paleo Fat Blast Meal Plans and Recipes for Weight Loss

In all my years as a personal fitness professional, I’ve had hundreds if not thousands of clients come to me for health and fitness advice. And one of the most common questions I get asked is, "But What Should I Eat?"

In the past, I would immediately start my long spiel, lecturing all about proteins, fats, etc. and spend a lot of time trying to teach them about nutrients and caloric intake. But the same question kept coming up, no matter how much I talked! "Yeah, but WHAT SHOULD I EAT?"

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that people didn’t want my long and complicated lectures about nutrition. Here’s what they REALLY wanted to know:

So I went looking for the perfect plan, that included what I wanted it to include, while leaving out a lot of garbage that I DIDN’T want included. Here’s the problem. The perfect plan just did not exist. In fact – there was nothing even close. Even a GOOD plan was impossible to find amidst all the crap.

Every meal plan I found included processed foods, chemical-filled meals, and an unhealthy imbalance of nutrients. I needed a customized done-for-you meal plan that included all the kinds of food that I recommend and that I know work for weight loss!

I was shocked at all the crap I found out there! If you’ve tried everything out there, like most of my clients, I’m sure you’ll agree. There’s an amazing amount of…

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