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Lifestyle180 – Leanness Lifestyle University

“Lose up to 10 pounds your first week, up to 10% of your present weight in six weeks and be thrilled with the course or I will double your money back.” – David Greenwalt (Founder)

On Wednesday, April 22nd we’re accepting a small number of new students into our next 6-week course, where we coach them through an amazing, life-changing journey of body transformation. No travel or in-person meetings are required. No Before and After pictures are required. It’s called Lifestyle180 and as it’s done for thousands before you Lifestyle180 will help you turn your body and your life around.

I realize there are thousands of weight-loss companies and dozens of gidgets, gadgets and apps. Beyond the apps and false promises, beyond the shiny objects masquerading as weight-loss solutions, I am deeply committed to providing my students with a real and permanent weight-loss solution. My approach, Lifestyle180, is personal, comprehensive, time-tested proven 16 years and counting, and step by step.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you a brief overview of Lifestyle180. Please take a few moments to read how you can get started with your first six-week module.

Your orientation week starts with a live group call on Wednesday, April 22nd at 7:30pm central time. On this call we’ll make sure you know what to do and what to expect during your orientation week.

Your orientation week is about getting you familiar with and using the amazing online and mobile-friendly nutrition, exercise and weight-management software. During your orientation you’ll hear from your Coaches and start using the online campus. It’s step by step and easy to use. And don’t worry, people of every computer skill level have used my online…

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