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Kimberly Snyder

The fastest, most effective way to master Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Principles and achieve your desired weight – naturally – with interactive video coaching modules that guide you through her unique process, from A to Z.

Get the entire program, over a dozen hours of step-by-step video coaching from Kimberly, for just $97.

After adopting the Beauty Detox lifestyle, I have seen my acne disappear and my skin becoming smoother and my hair shinier. My digestion has improved a lot, I used to be constipated a lot for many years and often bloated.

So, after two months of eating this way, I’ve lost 18 lbs and now have to buy smaller clothes. Combined with my exercise, I’m actually molding the body I’ve always wanted to have. Doing it natural at that. No more supplements, expensive programs, or surgery needed at all.

I feel a million times better; I finally found a long term solution that helps me lose weight and feel/look better. Just the fact that I don’t want coffee anymore amazes me! I don’t break out anymore, I don’t even need lotion, my skin is just perfect, not dry and not oily. My hair is thick and I also started getting white hair during my last pregnancy and now it’s all gone!

We are committed to customer satisfaction and place your happiness above all else. So at any moment you feel you are not happy with the results or the program hasn’t given you the value we’ve promised, we will give you a full refund for 60 days! This means that you have 2 whole months to try the program free of risk.

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