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How to look 20 pounds thinner instantly! – This is how to look 20 pounds thinner instantly.

…Or, face that nagging 10-20 pounds you’re desperate to shed.  Either way, carrying around extra weight is a burden you do not need to deal with.

First, you need to meet this presentation with a completely open mind. That means forgetting every single thing you’ve ever read, seen or heard about the battle of losing weight and getting the slim, toned and sexy body that’s closer to you than you think.

In fact, it’ll greatly benefit you to forget what you consider fact, because the better majority (if not all) of those “facts” are flat out lies.

The truth is, the diet and weight loss industries are covertly doing everything in their power to keep that nagging weight on you (we’ll get to that in just a second).

You’re reading this right. The multi-million dollar corporations that concoct these ideas devote all of their time, money and energy into ingraining these beliefs in your head and keeping you blind to what really works to make you lose weight and look thinner.

If you lost the weight you’ve been looking to lose, you wouldn’t be one of their customers anymore. They simply need to keep you chubby, or fat, in order to pad their bank accounts, fuel their private jets, or whatever the heck it is they do with their obscene amounts of money.

I’d bet my house that you already know that the bland diets, tedious cardio, and nasty…

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