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We don’t exercise, we get fat and frustrated, our health suffers. Today I have some great news for you if falling into this “time trap” has left you feeling helpless.

Through quite a bit of research, we’ve discovered how to maximize fat loss in minimal time by using special exercise strategies to trigger fat loss hormones.

I’ve spent the last decade, including over 20,000 hours of hands- on experience helping people just like you discover the TRUTH about losing body fat.

Now I fly around the world and share my experience in creating fat loss success with other personal trainers and fitness companies in addition to Fortune 500 corporate executives, professional athletes, and people just like you!

I’m constantly surprised by the amount of bad information people receive about exercise and fat loss.

(Actually, I can show you why the exercise programs most people do is probably KILLING their fat loss efforts, and what works at least 2-3 times better.)

In fact, if you’ve got 20-30 minutes most days of the week and enough space in your living room to do a pushup….

The old plan of “doing lots of cardio, maybe some weights, and trying to watch what we eat” has failed so many.

All exercise is good for us, but when we have specific fat loss goals, we need a specific fat loss plan!

If you want fat loss results as a busy adult, you literally have to turn this…

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