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Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Healthy Weight Loss Diets

5 Absolute Truths Every Serial Dieter Who Seeks Rapid – And Permanent – Weight Loss MUST Come To Grips With

1. Unbeknown to most, scientific research has shown eating the correct nutrients at the proper times creates a “thermic” fat burning effect which results in accelerated body slimming.

2. Creating your own “starvation” diet is a recipe for disaster Your metabolism slows to a crawl and not only creates weight loss plateaus; it can cause you to gain massive amounts of body fat.

3. Many of the “diet” foods you are eating are actually causing you to consume more and unhealthy calories pack on the pounds faster. I’ll be telling you more later about what the unscrupulous food industry is doing to make you fat!

4. Not only are some diet pills and potions a complete waste of your hard-earned money, they can be potentially lethal. If you are in desperate need of losing weight FAST there are much safer, permanent and healthy alternatives available to you.

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5. It IS possible to safely lose up to fifteen pounds in just thirty days by following a healthy nutritional program created by a credible professional. Registered Dietitians, such as me, have the education it requires to induce rapid – and permanent – weight loss through easy-to-follow dietary programming.

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