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Eating Love – How to Stop Emotional & Binge Eating

How can one experience long term and permanent weight loss when most diets focus on everything but the ROOT cause of the problem? Knowledge is not an issue since information is freely and widely available. If this is the case, then why do we observe such a high failure rate? Why is something that is seemingly simple so difficult? The Eating Love Guide answers those questions and provides solutions that result in weight loss without agonizing efforts.

With this guide you can expect bona fide substance that is simple to implement. It is an engaging and understanding read, and a guide to use for life.

After purchase, the guide will be available for download instantly in PDF format. PDFs can be opened up in mobile devices and can also be printed if you prefer a hard copy.

The Guide is a pain free method that involves a few simple mental exercises done once each day. Deprivation or eccessive willpower are NOT part of the plan.

A few minutes per day are needed to get started with the guide and to see results. Apart from that you’ll need one item from the dollar store and you’re ready to go.

This guide doesn’t contain endless affirmations, written exercises, hype or anything of that nature. The book lays out a clear path for everyone to follow.

The benefits are both immediate and long term. This guide takes on the issue of overeating from a whole different place than most everything else…

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