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What do Transformers actress Megan Fox, Total Recall star Jessica Biel and Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey all have in common?

And the results are there for everyone to see – all of these celebrities look much younger than they actually are, possess amazing skin and are in peak physical condition.

Meanwhile, the rest of us drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, try squeezing into the faded blue jeans that fit us once upon a time and stare forlornly at the mirror, desperately wishing we could swap our out-of-shape bodies for a trimmer, slimmer and healthier figure.

Why is the celeb world full of Aphrodites and Adonises with perfect complexions and fantastic bods…and we’re struggling with pale skin, bloated physiques and tired minds?

Well, you could say they’re filthy rich (to put it bluntly), so they can afford shelling out thousands of dollars on expensive dieticians, without having to bat an eyelid.

There’s no reason why YOU can’t copy this very same formula and gain similar results for yourself (minus the costly fitness and nutrition experts of course)!

If it has a positive impact for them, it’s going to have a positive impact for you as well. Period.

And as you keep reading, you’re going to discover how you can achieve all of this (and more) by simply going back to your roots and doing what your ancestors did. It’s that easy.

In fact, once you start putting this plan…

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