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Best Ab Workouts for Men & Women –

There isn’t a man or woman who doesn’t desire a taut, tight and toned body. Fortunately there are ways to lose that fat and get that hidden […]

Part II – Protein for Fat loss – The Research So why are so many people looking to higher-protein diets to help them lose excess body […]

Why eat Protein for Fat loss? Part I Never in the history of the human race have we ever seen an epidemic of overweight people in […]

Perhaps you are one of those many people who have tried to lose belly fat in the past and have fallen short of your end goal. You may have been inundated with information (much of it conflicting):  Perhaps you have been told that you need to take supplements, buy expensive exercise equipment, exercise for endless hours, eat a restrictive “Low Fat” or “Low Carb” or other fad diet, or take some diet pills. None of these methods are a good solution, and they can actually be part of the problem!

You may have put in countless hours in the gym without seeing any substantial reduction in your belly fat. Maybe you are close to giving up hope. Lack of progress is the number one reason why people stop their exercise/fitness routines. You probably know people who are always doing some restrictive cleanse where they are drinking juice, maple syrup water or something weird for days on end. Sure these people drop a few pounds of “water weight” quickly but…

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