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“I was out of shape, unhappy and fat… The good news is, I was able to do something about it.”

Ben’s Story, from 26% body fat to 6%, International Fitness Model. We are a product of our environment. DIET: Is it a dirty word? Fad Diets and what they can’t do for you. We will make a lifestyle change. AbStacker’s easy eating plans for real success. Choose an eating plan to match your lifestyle.

Eat More Lose Weight & Food for Abs. Meal Frequency – The great debate. Foods to be avoided. Food shopping for fat loss. Dining out with AbStacker. Victory Meals. … and more!

Find the Ab work out that’s right for you, learn new effective ways to train your Abs and get them popping the AbStacker way. Ben Handsaker has put together the most comprehensive selection of Ab exercises to change the way we think about Abs training. If you hate crunches, we’ll help you find an exercise you’ll like.

“AbStacker changed my life. He gave me the confidence to build my dream body and even do a fitness model photoshoot. I can’t thank him enough. Before I underwent the AbStacker transformation I was unhealthy, not happy and weak. Now I love life and live it to the fullest.”

“Ben, mate you’re an inspiration. You brought the “machete” out in me! Keep conquering!”

“Thank you so much for the plan! I’m super excited with the results. And thanks for the opportunity…

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