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30 Day Weight Loss Lab – Time to Get Results

We walk you through 30 days of life changing instruction to help you lose weight and keep it off! Lose weight and build confidence all in one online program! Get lifetime access today! If you want to know more then click here.

We employ high-intensity EPOC training to ignite your metabolism and have you burning calories up to 38 hours post-exercise! Burn 500+ calories (with EPOC) per workout!

We teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy by eating what you love and STILL lose weight! It’s all about portion control – we show you how!

What’s the point of incredibly complex workouts? Our simple, at-home workouts get results! We show you the method for burning over 400 calories simply walking!

…Once I took the advice from [Josh] with the workouts and nutrition tips that they provide [same ones used in this program] my lifestyle has changed for life. Since I have started the higher intensity workouts and followed the nutrition guides I have lost a total of 22 pounds. I have more energy throughout the day and have more and more stamina throughout my workouts… – Tyler

This program is one that I have grown to be very passionate about. I would consider myself healthy for the most part but do spend a great deal of nights in hotels and on the road which creates challenges in itself for staying healthy and getting in a consistent workout routine. I have also tried many different workouts regimens but none seemed to have the…

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