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21 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart

If It’s Having Daily Fat Loss Meal Plans, Workouts And Daily Inspirations For 21 Days, You’ve Come To The Right Spot

Hi, I’m nutrition and fat loss expert, Dr. Chris Mohr. I teamed up with 2 Time Personal Trainer of the Year and Bestselling Author of the IMPACT! Body Plan, Todd Durkin, to create the most effective fat loss jumpstart that will flatten your belly, help you get leaner, and feel amazing in just 21 days! It’s called the 21 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart.

It’s not by accident that so many turn to us to get a fat loss jumpstart. Between the two of us we’ve written for every major fitness magazine, spoken around the world, and worked with everyone from soccer moms to celebrities and elite athletes every major sport.

I grew up with "more rolls than a bakery" (as my brother used to say)…the typical overweight kid who has fought weight his entire life (yup, that’s me in my "glory" days).

In fact, here is a picture of me with Food Network Chef Emeril Lagasse on his latest TV show, helping out this viewer solve his nutrition dilemmas.

You see, I’ve spent the last 15+ years studying the fields of nutrition and fat loss and consulting with busy soccer moms and superstar dads. I went to school to become a dietitian and ultimately earn a PhD in exercise physiology, all while studying with some of the best weight loss experts in the world – learning every single fat…

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