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Welcome to Rocking Body Raw Food

If you’re like me you grew up eating a fair amount of processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs and lots of stuff that can be hard on your body. You probably don’t even know what life is like without these foods.  I never did.  It never occurred to me that my food choices and my struggles in life are related. I had NO IDEA how powerfully foods affected me, but I do now.

And now that I’ve experienced life OFF the crazy highs and lows of processed foods, I want you to have the GIFT of that experience.
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Diet That Produces Quick Results

If there was a foolproof weight loss plan that allowed you to lose 20 pounds a month without any drugs, would you be willing to give it a try?

The amount of weight you’ll lose depends on how much you weigh right now. The more you weigh, the faster the weight comes off. A person who is extremely obese can drop up to 50 pounds in 30 days on this plan. Someone who is just a little overweight might lose 10 lbs. Moderately overweight people can easily lose 20 lbs.
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Superfood Secrets Ebook

If you want to live healthier, happy and full of energy from the very same moment you wake up until you go to bed again then carefully read this message…

I mean, with so many commitments in your day-to-day life, you barely have time to take care of yourself or care for your health.
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Detox Diet – Cleansing Body Cleanse – Total Wellness Cleanse

A shocking study in the prestigious medical journal, Lancet, recently proved what many health experts have feared for decades…

[ref: Jones OA, et al (2008). Environmental pollution and diabetes: a neglected association. Lancet. 26;371(9609):287-8.]
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Obi Obadike – World Renowned Fitness Expert : Certified Personal Trainer : Motivational Public Speaker : Cover Model » Ultimate Fat Loss For Men and Women Ebook-Series

Hi I am Obi and in the next 5 to 6 minutes I am going to share with you in this video what’s been called

Hello my name is Obi Obadike fitness celebrity and fitness expert I am going to share with you a few minutes in this video what has been called the Ultimate Fat Loss system for men and women. If you are not a believer check out the amazing fat loss transformations in this video or scroll down and read and see their heartfelt authentic personal testimonials and transformations.
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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Attention Every Man and Woman Trying to Lose Weight for the New Year: Is it REALLY Possible to Lose up to 25 Pounds in Only 25 Days?

Fact of the matter is this: there are probably certain things built into the very diet and exercise program that you are doing right now, things that you don’t even realize are stopping you from achieving the most rapid results.
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Why Eating MORE White Rice Will Increase Fat Burning – The 4 Cycle Solution

3 food lies reveal why White Rice can be healthier for your metabolism and more effective for fat loss than Brown Rice…

Did you know that if you intentionally avoid white starchy foods like white rice, and eat the beloved brown rice instead, it may actually be WORSE for your health than eating the demonized "white" rice?
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Fat Loss Weight Loss Quick Start Energy Program Burn Fat Cellulite Glycemic Index

You Can Do It Quickly and Feel Awesome While You’re Losing Weight and…Oh Yeah Keep It Off Forever!

Welcome Home! You Have Finally Discovered The Perfect Weight Loss and Fat Loss System That Will Shave Inches off Your Body and Give You Thinner Cellulite Free Thinner Thighs, smoother skin and Raise Your Metabolism! You Will Start to Lose Weight fast!
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Juicing for Weight Loss – Get Started On A Brand New You!

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If you’re new to juicing, you’re absolutely invited to subscribe to our 10-Free Email Starter Course on Juicing 101
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Body Fuel System #bfs – Body Fuel System

I like cutting through all the hoopla and red tape, so there are no gimmics or monkey business – just real food, how to combine the foods that trigger your body’s own natural fat loss system, when to eat them, how to be super efficient with planning and prepping it – everything you need to upgrade your lifestyle to the one you deserve.

And I can also tell you that I know, because not so long ago I thought all of the things on that list were true – and that not following them was going to make me fat and keep me from losing my belly flab – EVEN THOUGH I WAS NOT SEEING ANY SIGNIFICANT CHANGES FOLLOWING THOSE RULES!
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